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Human Resources Consulting

In today’s business environment, Human Resources are critical to the success of companies of all sizes and types. Human Resources costs are traditionally the largest budget item for the majority of organizations. Small to medium size organizations may have a small Human Resources Department or may have the HR role filled by someone within the organization such the Office Manager, Director of Finance or the owner. These individuals all have good intentions, but because the HR role is secondary to their primary function, rarely can they keep up with the ever-changing state and federal HR rules, regulations and laws.

If HR programs are ineffective or if staff actions result in decisions that are not in compliance with federal and state regulations, a business can be subjected to legal action, penalties and/or significant costs.

Robert J. Dunn Associates assists organizations with effectively maintaining a competent, productive workforce and a Human Resources Program that is compliant with appropriate laws and regulations.

Robert J. Dunn Associates will develop a unique program that fits the individual needs of the organization. These programs range from small projects to full outsourcing of the Human Resources function.

Human Resources Services offered:

  • Policy Development and Implementation
  • Performance Management Program
  • Benefit Review and Design
  • Compensation review and development
  • Recruitment and Retention Strategy
  • Employee Relations/Labor Relations
  • Job Description/Annual Review
  • Talent Management
  • Succession Planning
  • Interviewing/Selection
  • Human Resources Budgeting
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